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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
same LP Conspiracy Records CORE072 feat. members of PAN SONIC, SCHNEIDER TM, MUM.. lim. 500 / incl. a promo-remix CD of PHILIPPE PETIT (that also came with THE WIRE # 301) 2008 €15.00
same CD Important Records IMPREC227 feat. members of PAN SONIC, STILLUPPSTEYPA, etc. 2009 €14.50
From beyond Love LP Staubgold - analog 6 fourth album by the unique collective project of PHILIPPE PETIT & HERVE VINCETTI (now feat. over 20 guest musicians) with 5 new tracks, all sung by different vocalists: JULIE CHRISTMAS (MADE OUT OF BABIES), ANDRIA DEGENS (PANTALEIMON / CURRENT 93), GRAHAM LEWIS (WIRE), COSEY FANNY TUTTI (THROBBING GRISTLE, etc.), and a duett of LYDIA LUNCH & EUGENE ROBINSON (OXBOW) 2012 €15.00