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Proclamation CD Firework Edition Records FER 1001 the very first SONS OF GOD CD (almost legendary performance & noise-art project of KENT TANKRED and LEIF ELGGREN), aka GODS SÍNER, culled from three performances that happened in Stockholm 1990-1992 1996 €13.00
The Object CD Firework Edition Records FER 1014 great droney one-tracker based on a mysterious "object" used during the Cold War.. 1999 €13.00
Refurnish CD Firework Edition Records FER 1038 recording of a performance that happened at Fylkingen Records, Stockholm, Nov. 1995; "for two actors, furniture and electrotechnics" - another strange noise opera by KENT TANKRED and LEIF ELGGREN 2002 €13.00
The Sons of God perform a Miracle DVD Fylkingen Records FYDVD1001 selection of works by this group (formed by LEIF ELGGREN and KENT TANKRED) ranging from 1988-2007, video documentations, films, slideshows, over two hours of material; plus 24 p booklet, in DVD box 2008 €13.00