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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Merz CD-R Subterranean Sonic No. 001/008 Recommended dark experimental & drone debut-CDR by a German project on a new label from Berlin. To discover. lim. 200 2008 €7.00
One Day I discovered a Dreamachine CD-R Subterranean Sonic Sub Sonic 002/09 the Berlin-based project with a nice work (second album) about "time, relativity, fragility, changing, awareness and human consciousness" - roaring amorph dark drones & weird instrumental elements (guitar, mouth organ?), enriched with field and object recordings, backwards-voices, etc.. surrealistic, weird & otherworldly at the same time... comes in printed A5 envelope with 4p colour inlay with bizarre drawings; recommended ! 2009 €8.00
Marchantiophyta (2nd edition) CD-R Subterranean Sonic 003/2010 third album by the recommended Berlin-based project, a psychedelic / surrealistic journey to a secret land called "Marchantiophyta", this sounds very ghost ambient like, with strange loops and effected objects.. "rain forest, a coffeemaker, a glas of water, little tubes, contactmics, guitar, various synthesizers.." very much recommended to be checked out !! 2010 €9.00
Extended Voices CD-R Subterranean Sonic (no CAT nr) using the voices of PAULINE OLIVEROS and ROBERT ASHELY, FOR KINGS AND QUEENS created another excellent album of surrrrealistic ambience collage music, filled with analogue synths, strange voice phenomena and raspy winds... (and much more) 2013 €8.50
Elektroraum CD-R Subterranean Sonic 12 new tracks of surrealistic electro acoustic soundworlds - dark mysterious droney collages with often surprising & obscure musique concrete elements, similar to NURSE WITH WOUND, etc.. very strong release from this Berlin-based project 2014 €9.50