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PARKANLAGE BOOK & CD Junge Kunst e.V. Wolfsburg / Stefan Roigk catalogue with many colour-pictures of installation-works and texts in german & english, released on the occasion of the PARKPLATZ-exhibition (Wolfsburg, Juli-September 2006) from this german soundart-artist who was once active as KENOTAPH, K:EIM & SKALP. On the CD 63 minutes of material with highly abstract and nice droning musique concrete. To discover ! 2008 €10.00
Worte wie Schall und Raum CD Revolver Publishing / Braunschweig University of Art three pieces showing the possibilities of a "imaginary music" that is solely based on vocal material (lecture, dialogue, expressive spoken-word theatre), proliferating in all directions; words are whispered, narrated, babbled, crossing each others and building strange layers of meanings and astonishing aural surroundings... the CD contains one lecture performance and sounds from 2 installations, comes with 8 oversized photocards; absolutely to discover ! 2016 €15.00
Sprachmusik CD Tochnit Aleph TA149 highly impressive recordings (14 tracks) of vocal based tracks, a kind of lyrical prosa about the perception of noises, merging sound poetry, electro-acoustic and experimental drone... fascinating ! NOT the classical standard sound poetry, this operates rather at the intersection of sound art, ear-play and droning noises... very much recommended to discover ! 2017 €12.00