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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
The Black Post Society CD Cold Spring Records CSR85CD intense mixture of sludgy pulsating dark drone & harsh noise, with at times aggressive vocals 2005 €12.00
Crossbow 7inch DotDotDot Music dotdotdot008v strong 7" for this "anti-technology & anti-electricity" noise project, mixing abrasive low-fi attacks with interesting acoustic sounds; lim. 300 on transparent yellow / black splatter vinyl . LAST COPY! 2009 €10.00
Annihilationist CD Functional Organisation functional 018 the re-worked version of a tape release from 2011 showing the more 'ambient industrial' side of PRURIENT, bleak & powerful, creaking electronic claustrophobia... 2015 €13.00
Frozen Niagara Falls do-CD Profound Lore Records ‎ PFL-152 PRURIENTs 'magnum opus' created 2013-2015, over 90 min. of material going through all the different sides this project has to offer.. 'from harsh noise savagery and vicious feedback, to brooding electronica, meticulous sampling, and entrancing dark ambient.' 2015 €19.00