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Colonia CD Staalplaat STCD158 a compilation of long deleted tracks 1991-1999 by the martial & neo-classic industrial project from former Yugoslavia with always interesting philosophic concepts behind; special offer now! "Colonia is a project that implements death as its theme in order to represent the epoch: the colonial age" 2002 €8.00
The Berlin Requiem CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 084 digipack 2006 €13.00
Silently the Wolves are watching 7 Illuminating Technologies IT 008 numb. ed. of 500 2007 €7.00
Karl Rossmann Fragments CD Illuminating Technologies IT0011 dedicated to the Czech composer & painter; lim. 500 in printed 7" cover, numbered. ed 2009 €13.00
Factory Rituals 1989/2009 DVD-R Illuminating Technologies ITV01101 impressive video-clips produced for the "Mirror of Destruction" exhibition that happened in Belgrade 2010; numbered ed. of only 48 copies (silkscreen-cover & 3 silkscreen postcards) 2010 €18.00
Palladium CD Old Europa Cafe OECD184 early material by this pioneering post-industrial & multi-media artist from former Yugoslavia - the re-issue of 2nd album from 1991 (Hyperion), plus the more sacral / dark ambient sounding "Factory Rituals" - a set of four unreleased tracks from 1989 => very structured 'martial' industrial using neo-classic samples, dark drones and very nice atmospheric parts with choirs, etc.. 2013 €13.00
Metal CD Old Captain OCCD19 a collection of rare AUTOPSIA archive recordings 1982-1996, newly remixed, lim. 200 only ! 2015 €13.00
In Vivo (Autopsia Archive Recordings] CD Death Continues Records DCRCD009 collection with early material (created 1982-1989) by the industrial project from Prague, this is very 'handmade" tape- & ringmodulator & analogue effects industrial / ambient music without any use of computers, synths or samplers, very good! Percussive, droning, electric! different material than on the POGUS MC from 1988; lim. 250 copies 2016 €13.00