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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Thalia / Oizzo No CD Silverdoor SIDO 012 CD re-mastered early works by this prolific Irish composer known from the great CD on DIE STADT! Eleven tracks 1968-1976 2002 €13.00
The Ninth Set CD Die Stadt DS103 digipack / ed. of 600 copies / mind-blowing otherworldy acoustic spheres based on voice-transformations & electronics, Volume 3 in the "Passades" series 2007 €15.00
Chalant - Memento Mori CD Psychonavigation Records PSY 052 emotional release by the Irish composer with 13 beautiful nostalgic tracks using material from old / personal Telephone answering machine messages from 1987-1989 (!), along with piano & synth-arrangements... 2012 €15.00
Babel 5 x CD Silverdoor SIDO 003-007CD epic work from 1999 by the prolific Irish composer with the tracks / CDs symbolizing architectural spaces and rooms within a fictitious city, along with music from a radio station of the tower of Babel... => strange electronic music with various interconnections and relations, a thoughtful play with music and cultural myths, a very broad musical approach from strange pop music to cut up sounds and musique concrete pieces, challenging and complex!! Comes with 12p. booklet 2013 €35.00