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Three rooms of unrest (trois chambres d'inquietude) maxi-CD Elevator Bath eeaoa07 piece first performed in 1976 from this highly interesting female composer who worked with PIERRE SCHAEFFER and ELIANE RADIGUE; lim. 1000 full-colour inner & outer jackets 2001 €9.00
L'ange CD Trace 017   2003 €14.00
Pour un Pianiste maxi-CD Trace Recordings TRACE 021 piece from 1973/1974; prepared piano & magnetic tape 2005 €9.00
same CD Trace Label trAce 028 three pieces rec. 1976-1988 by the remarkable French composer: "Trois Chambres d'Inquietude" (1976), "Tabou" (1984), and: "Phone Variations" (1988) - which hasn't been published at all before.. 2009 €14.00
Cirque / Enfance CD MOTUS M 314017 two works by the remarkable French musique concrete (& more) composer (student of PIERRE SCHAEFFER & ELIANE RADIGUE): "Cirque" from 1994 (previously released but out of print) dedicated to circular processes establishing a strange circus-like, narrative atmosphere, linked to the dancer & choreograph BERNADO MONTET; & the so far unpublished newer work "Enfance" (2011), using lots of personal field recordings from infants, sparsely instrumented... 2014 €13.50
L'etoile Absinthe - Chant d'ombre CD Optical Sound OS 055 re-issue of the deleted Metamkine mCD from 2000 with an intensely waving piece based on short snapshots of vocal material, plus an unreleased work from 2004 (dedicated to ELIANE RADIGUE) - 24+ min. of brooding, breathing, slowly elevating organic drones, fantastic piece !! 2014 €13.00