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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Black Earth CD Wonder WON 08 CD their maybe most well known album, that was later re-issued by IPECAC; file under: quicksand-blues 2002 €14.00
Geisterfaust CD Wonder WON 17 CD fourth album 2005 €13.00
Mitleid Lady maxi-CD Latitudes GMT:011 rare maxi-CD, special cardboard / art design, numbered ed. of 1000 2009 €13.00
Beileid maxi-CD PIAS Recordings PIASR 241 MCD CONDOLENCE; 3-track maxi-EP, which means: 37 minutes (!) long; the sister-release to "MITLEID" (compassion), with a cover-version of a WARLOCK song 2011 €12.00
Dolores do-LP PIAS Recordings PIASR145DLP repressing of the 2009 album... "Imagine a blackened, funereal dooooooom band like Skepticism or Nortt morphed into the jazz idiom (after having kissed a frog, or some fairytale scenario like that), playing their slow, sad music in a smoky Berlin jazz club. The sound is jazz (electric piano, organ, vibes, sax, double bass, trap kit...) but the feeling is doom..." [Aquarius Records] 2014 €23.00
Piano Nights CD Ipecac IPC155 / [PIAS] Recordings PIAS D4804 "this music is all about sinking in.." [Aquarius Rec.] - the seventh full length album (if you don't count the 'Beileid' EP from 2011) by the German cult 'Ambient Jazz' band, now even more refined & reduced acoustic film noir paintings.. 2014 €16.00
Black Earth do-LP [PIAS] Recordings PIASD5015LP finally the vinyl re-issue of one of their most requested / famous albums, originally from 2002, someone called it "Quicksand Blues"... "Kontrabass, Melotron, Fender Rhodes und Saxofon befinden sich im Slow-Motion-Doom-Rausch. Die Instrumente verweigern jede Melodie.." gatefold cover 2016 €26.00
Bohren for Beginners do-CD PIAS 39223072CD "The perfect introduction into the world of Germany's doom jazz cult band Bohren & Der Club Of Gore highlights the group's catalog from 1994 onwards. Includes rare tracks from deleted albums, some newly mixed versions and one complete new song. For fans of SunnO, OM, Max Richter, Fennesz." two CDs for the price of one ! 2016 €13.00
Geisterfaust do-LP PIAS Recordings PIASD5014LP first ever vinyl-edition of their fifth album (2005), when the 'slowest band in the world became even slower'; the five long pieces are titled after the fingers of a hand, the length of the tracks proportional to the length of the fingers.. gatefold-cover 2017 €26.00