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Pure Gaze CD Sedimental SED026CD back in stock, the very FIRST album of by this US composer who combines field recordings & acoustic & instrumental objects to a unique melange 1999 €14.00
Mobius Fuse CD Sedimental sedcd031 back in stock the great 2nd album of this US-composer from Chicago (once a member of ALIAL STRAA) combining microdetail field recordings (wind, birds, ice, insects) with instrumental sounds and manipulating it electronically.. 2001 €13.50
Change Ringing CD Cut 016 thick cardboard-sleeve / one-tracker 2005 €15.00
Karren LP Sedimental SEDLP062 a piece in two long parts that show OLIVIA BLOCKs great compositional skills between electro-acoustic creation and orchestral sounds: field recordings from orchestra rehearsals and public locations are set into contrast with one in real time performed score (by the 'Chicago Composer's Orchestra); the meaning and background of the phrase "Karren" opens up diverse sophisticated inter-relations from her interest in anthropology and sociology; lim. 500 2013 €19.00