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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Astral Walk CD Final Muzik FM01 finally in stock, their first album! 2004 €10.00
Im Gegenteil mCD Sheela-Na-Gig Sha-Na Penisring Ning SHEELA MOON CD1 lim. 333 copies 2006 €10.00
Chemism CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 091 www.oldeuropacafe.com 2007 €13.00
Uncle Billy 7 DANHUSER Org. KIA DAN 001 lim. 356 copies on "sperm-white" vinyl ! 2007 €10.00
The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm CD Old Europa Cafe OECD112 feat. collaborations with PSBEUYS, Sudden Infant, Niko Skorpio, Baraclough and Devotchka's Conundrum 2008 €13.00
Dies Juvenalis LP Hallow Ground HG1603 re-isssue of concept album from 2007 (Anarcocks ANACDR04) with three long tracks, lim. 300, new artwork 2016 €21.50