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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Pigdaddy CD Cold Spring Records CSR92CD   2008 €13.00
S L A V E S 6 x CD 4ib Records 4iB CDBox/0714/023 "Sutcliffe Jugend once again is redefining electronic and noise music, incorporating many different styles: noise, ambient, drone, avant garde. In fact, long gone are the days from 1982s breakthrough We Spit On Their Graves" 2016 €48.00
The Muse CD Death Continues Records DCRCD008 the project of PAUL TAYLOR and KEVIN TOMKINS, who surprise on "The Muse" with quite musical / melancholic / atmospheric material, contrasted by the dark spoken words lyrics..."This is the sort of album that gets inside you, at once intimate and intimidating, something that is not so much heard as felt and that stays with you long after the sound has faded" [Heathen Harvest] 2016 €13.00