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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Tumble CD ReR Megacorp ReR BCD first Biota CD ! (ex MNEMONISTS) 1989 €14.00
Invisible Map CD ReR Megacorp ReR BCD5   2001 €14.00
Half a True Day CD ReR Megacorp ReR BCD6 unique dreamtime-folklore of the ex-MNEMONISTS ! 2007 €14.00
Cape Flyaway CD ReR Megacorp ReR BCD7 the unique collective from Colorado is back - having created again incredible music like bizarre paintings, often centered around subtle folk-themes & female singing => like listening to three different records at the same time (one backwards) with confusing/exciting effect - surrealistic music which needs NEW parts of your brain!! "for them time is a continuum rather than a sequence of events; a simultaneous present in which past and future possibilities exist conterminously"; incl. 24p colour booklet with paintings 2012 €14.00
Funnel to a Thread CD ReR Megacorp ReR BCD8 with every new album this art collective from Colorado (USA) further explores and deepens their very own unique and almost undescribable 'experimental Folk-Psychedelia', where harmonic and dis-harmonic structures forms a new and unexpected sound, you can listen 10 times to it without understanding it really... "a Biota album is, by definition, a whole movie" [Massimo Ricci]; comes with full-colour booklet again displaying new MNEMONISTS paintings.. 2015 €14.00