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Themes 6 x CD-BOX Cold Spring Records CSR123B massive boxset with 32p booklet collecting all THEMES-albums by the project of ex-THROBBING GRISTLE member GENESIS P.ORRIDGE: the legendary "Themes 1" LP from 1982 feat. PETER CHRISTOPHERSON & DAVID TIBET (!), "Themes 2" (re-issue of LP from 1985) feat. ZOS KIA members, "Themes 3" (re-issue of LP from 1986, feat MONTE CAZZAZA) plus Themes 3 live version (previously unreleased), "Themes 4" (brand new PTV album feat. LADY JAYE), + diverse bonus-tracks, the great UNCLEAN 12", etc.. A MUST HAVE !! 2011 €45.00
Batschkapp CD Cold Spring Records CSR162CD re-issue of rare bonus-CD from the "Where you ever bullied at school" album; rec. in Frankfurt 10. Dec. 1984 2012 €10.00
Ov Power CD Cold Spring Records CSR160CD re-issue of a limited bootleg LP from 1985, rec. 16. Sept. 1984 in Hamburg, completely re-mastered; PTV on their "industrial highpoint" and maybe most active phase, incl. "UNCLEAN", "OV POWER", etc.. feat. GPO, JOHN GOSLING (ZOS KIA), PAUL REESON and ALEX FERGUSSON 2012 €10.00
Paramartha CD Cold Spring Records CSR161CD rec. 22.Sept. 1984 in Rotterdam, so far only issued as two very limited bootlegs; completely re-mastered 2012 €10.00
Hacienda CD Cold Spring CSR187CD live recording from Nov. 5, 1984, made in Manchester at the legendary Hacienda club - feat. JOHN GOSLING, ALEX FERGUSSON, PAUL REESON and GPO 2013 €12.00
Live at the Marquee CD Cold Spring CSR189CD live recording made in London, 20th May 1986, at the Marquee club, so far unheard ! 2013 €12.00
Thee fabulous Feast ov Flowering Light CD Cold Spring CSR188CD previously unreleased London show from 19th May 1985 with unique line up, feat. HH (HILMAR RN HILMARSSON), DAVE BALL (!) (SOFT CELL), ROSE Mc. DOWALL, etc.. !! 2013 €12.00
Alien Be-In 12inch Dark Entries DE-079 re-issue of PTVs classic 'evil acid house' track "Alien Be-In" (the original version appeared 1990 on 'Towards thee infinite Beat') => hypnotic pumping beats with didgeridoo, echo violin and repetitive voice samples, plus three new remixes by FRED GIANELLI, SILENT SERVANT and JOHN TEJADA; comes in die-cut sleeve with inlay and liner notes 2015 €16.00
Allegory & Self LP Sacred Bones Records SBR3020 / DAIS Records DAIS098 the first real "Pop" album (1988) for the band / project / cult of GENESIS P-ORRIDGE, who started 1982 as an industrial / ritual / art - community => feat "Godstar" (with THE ANGELS OF LIGHT - the soundtrack for the never realized film about BRIAN JONES), and the last songwriting collaborations with ALEX FERGUSSON; comes with 16 page booklet and download card, lim. white vinyl edition in stock !! 2017 €20.00
Pagan Day LP Sacred Bones Records SBR3021 / DAIS Records DAIS099 mythic PTV album from 1984 with early song demos and sketches of ALEX FERGUSSON and GENESIS P.ORRIDGE, recorded on a simple 4-track cassette machine and originally not intended to be released as "finished" material; feat. "We Kiss" and "Cold Steel", one of the most intimate PTV albums - appeared first as TOPY 003 on 23rd Dec. 1984 as lim. picture disc. only available in the shops for one hour! we have copies on red vinyl in stock, after they're gone we sell the black vinyl ed. 2017 €20.00