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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Dead Colours CD-R Silentes cdr 20050906 lim./numb. 120 - original first edition ! 2005 €12.00
The Testamentary Corridor CD Silentes minimal editions sme 0608   2006 €13.00
Dead Colours CD Silentes minimal editions SME0717   2008 €12.00
Menstruum Regles CD Silentes minimal editions SME0716   2008 €13.00
The Selfportrait of M.B. CD Silentes minimal editions SME0715   2008 €13.00
Ludium CD Silentes Minimal Editions SME1033 one-tracker build on processed piano material 2009 €13.00
Persecutionem LP Rotorelief ROTOR013 inspired by persecution of the early Christians; numb. ed. 303 copies 2009 €20.00
Verfall CD-R Lona Records Locd66r album based entirely on floating piano-tunes; sounds at times more like a wild ROBERT HAIGH than typical M.B. - 8 different tracks, all with german titles; rare CD-R on this label from Hongkong 2010 €10.00
YNOHPMYS CD Tourette Records 013 lim. 400 digipack 2010 €13.00
YNOHPMYS (special ed.) CD Tourette Records 013* lim. 70 art edition including old signed film negative stripe 2010 €20.00
Apokalypsis XXIII CD Nitkie : patch six M.B. seems to have the motivation to create the strangest music on the planet - with Apokalypsis XXIII he succeeds almost - mysterious ghost -drones, fragmented, decaying sounds, hidden harmonies... four long tracks based on the "book of revelation" from the New Testament, this is said to be the last ever M.B. album !! Lim. 500, nice cover with golden print, highly recommended ! 2011 €13.00
Kathamenja CD-R Lona Records Locd70r archaic drones with a very mechanic touch, dark & grinding... rare release on Hongkongs LONA Records, lim. 150 2011 €10.00
Pharmelodies CD Silentes sme 1154 very amorph, soft & otherworldly nostalgic drone-muzak using processed found sounds from "Theocratic suites" of MBs past, reminding on some FIRST HUMAN FERRO works for example... lim. 300 copies, oversized cardboard cover 2012 €12.00
Celtichants CD Alone At Last AAL[3] based on multi-layered chanting voices from unknown sources, this creates a surreal atmosphere of strangely whispering and morphing organisms, woven into a flowing, otherworldy 60 min. collage... excellent new M.B.-work with an odd emotional quality.. lim. 500 special package, using different colour variants & incl. a set of 3 full colour postcards 2013 €15.00
Mectpyo Bakterium LP Menstrual Recordings LH49 re-issue of the much sought-after LP from 1982 released on DYS (the label run by THE MNEMONISTS), recorded August-October 1981, one of the "calmer" albums of the early MB phase, comes with reproduction of the original cover, lim. 275 on coloured /marbled (grey / black / white) vinyl, with inlay... "The icy opression, the hallucinative electronic wounds, are a precious and singular fact in a technological society brought to limit" [M.B.] 2013 €22.00
Amentest 7inch DAIS Records DAIS 057 somehow chiseled, sharp, angled noise drones or harsh ambience....two great tracks, we're not sure if they are old or new... !! lim. 300, textured cover 2014 €8.50
S.F.A.G. 81 LP Recursion STRANA-1 re-issue of MC (Broken Flag 1983) which uses material from the "Symphony for a Genocide" album, remixed with an echo-machine... lim. 527 copies 2014 €16.50
Elegietroniche CD 4iB Records 4iB CD/0114/020 for us one of the best newer M.B. releases, this album with five amorphous drone pieces, letting dark harmonics shine through a big fog, amorphous and mysterious... credits: "Dedicated to all the grieved people who are waiting for their deliverance from the sufferings." lim. 200 2016 €13.00