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A Lecture on Disturbances in Architecture CD Firework Edition Records FER1036 "Illustration of high Ceilings inhabited by Angels" - first listing of this awarded (Ars Electronica 2002) album by the Stockholm based sound artist with a collection of nine pieces (created 1997-2002): various forms of static drones that differ a lot from each other and appear almost as illustrations, all connected to architecture... some fascinating material included! 2002 €13.00
Three overpopulated cities built by short-sighted planners, an unbalanced and quite dangerous airport and an abandoned church CD Sub Rosa SR217   2004 €14.00
Operation of Spirit Communication LP Die Stadt DS 31 small re-press of LP from 2000, ed. of 300, gatefold cover 2006 €15.00
The wonderful World of male Intuition CD ORAL CD 10 very experimental & lovely work using quotes from DALAI LAMA, GREGORY BATESON, JOHN C.LILLY, ALBERT HOFMANN, BRION GYSIN, etc. mixed with sine-waves and ghost sounds 2006 €15.00
There are no Crows flying around the Hancock Building CD Lampo 001 composition based on field recordings made on a skyscraper, 100 storeys high! lim. 500 / cardboard cover / last copy! 2006 €15.00
Perhaps I Arrive - music for AtatŘrk Airport, Istanbul do-CD Auf Abwegen aatp25 the un-released original version of the neglected sound-installation created 1997 for the AtatŘrk Airport in Istanbul; ed. of 500 with artwork by Akifumi Nakajima (AUBE); also contains the changed "accepted music" versions on the second CD 2008 €18.00
800000 Seconds in Harar CD Touch TO:82 composition for a theatre-play of MICHAEL AZAR called "Jag r en annan", based on the life of ARTHUR RIMBAUD; VON HAUSSWOLFF uses field recordings from Harar, Ethopia (where RIMBAUD lived 1884-1891) and sounds from a KRAR, an African instrument... 2011 €14.00
Plays John Cage II flexi-7inch iDEAL Recordings iDEAL 126 after the long deleted 7" on Povertech Industries (1995) here's a second 7" with CM VON HAUSSWOLFF music dedicated to JOHN CAGE - this one sided flexi contains a version of "4'33 for electric Guitar (broken Amplifier version)" performed in 2012 for JOHN CAGEs 100th birthday; lim. 200 squared flexi with printed insert 2015 €10.00
Squared CD Auf Abwegen aatp52 two new pieces: "Circulating Over Square Waters" (recorded at ZKM Kubus in Karlsruhe, won the Karl Sczuka Prizes for Radio Arts), and "Cementerio del Norte", a film soundtrack with original material recorded at a Cemetery in Montevideo ( Uruguay), extracting frequencies from the ground with a technique called 'Emission Spectroscopy'.. minimal 'radiating drones' & slowly moving sound sculputures, perfect for concentrated / contemplative listening.. 2015 €13.00