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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Gone to Earth CD Virgin Records CDVDL 1 third album, ROBERT FRIPP on guitar; midprice 1986 €8.00
Blemish CD Samadhisound SS001 8 tracks based on raw improvisations, feat. DEREK BAILEY and CHRISTIAN FENNESZ 2003 €16.00
Alchemy - An Index of Possibilites CD Virgin Records CDVR 23 digitally remastered re-issue of the 2nd album from 1985, pure instrumental "fourth world" music; feat. R. SAKAMOTO, HOLGER CZUKAY, ROBERT FRIPP, etc.. 2006 €8.00
Brilliant Trees CD Virgin Records CDVR 2290 digitally remastered re-issue of his classic album from 1984, a very unique & melancholic mixture of jazz, ethno & ambient; with the genius title-song; special price ! 2006 €8.00
Secrets of the Beehive CD Virgin Records CDVR 2471 digitally remastered re-issue of his fourth solo-album from 1987; incl. bonus-track; special midprice now 2006 €8.00
When loud Weather buffeted Naoshima CD Samadhisound ltd. ss0011 site-specific composition feat. FENNESZ, ARVE HENRIKSEN, AKIRA RABELAIS, CLIVE BELL. Large DVD digipack 2007 €16.00
Manafon CD Samadhisound SS016 newest solo-album recorded with lots of guest musicians as KEITH ROWE, JOHN TILBURY, WERNER DAFELDECKER, CHRISTIAN FENNESZ, EVAN PARKER, OTOMO YOSHIHIDE, etc.. 2009 €16.00