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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Crown of Marches CD Catsup Plate Records #CPR722 epic one-tracker, digipack ; STEVEN R. SMITH is a member of HALA STRANA & THUJA 2005 €14.00
Owl CD Digitalis Industries ace007   2007 €12.00
Cities LP Immune Recordings IMMUNE 005 introspective "drone-folk", purely analogue / acoustic; great solo-album by the THUJA / HALANA STRANA / ULAAN KHOL member 2009 €15.00
Old Skete LP Worstward Recordings wst001 solo-album by this long time active guitarist and member of THUJA (also known as ULAAN KHOL and HALA STRANA) - wonderful pure & meditative e-guitar miniatures, atmospheric and lonely, completely unprocessed and with no overdubs... very recommended if you like stuff as LOREN CONNERS or PETER WRIGHT...lim./numb. 500 2011 €14.50