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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Tribulation CD Crucial Blast CBR55 ...eine Moloch-artige Klangblase umschliesst einen und haucht donnernd & mit stinkendem Odem "OM". 2006 €10.00
IIIrd Gatekeeper CD Crucial Blast CBR63 re-issue of this album from 1992 (which originally appeared on HEADDIRT, Justin Broadricks [GODFLESH] label at that time), comes with new liner notes & design 2008 €13.00
Strange Keys to untune do-CD Neurot Rec. NR67 ALL MUST BOW BEFORE THE PAGAN WALL OF DRONE; new material 2009 €15.00
Fucked on a Pile of Corpses CD Cold Spring Records CSR151CD the title says it all, a real dirty acoustic voyage to wash your head from the INSIDE; a mix between low fi distortion swamp rock and low-fi power electronics, not for weak hearts ! 2011 €12.00
Draconis do-CD Cold Spring Records CSR190CD "Synapse scorching occult industrial prog noise folk" - great epic album by the duo of MATTHEW BOWER & SAMANTHA DAVIES, who combine their psychedelic / ecstatic noise mantras with eastern mythological depth & mysteries, mainly based on massive guitar & violin layers... "These are some of the most epic and evocative tracks ever released by Skullflower: huge slabs of metaphysical noise with the awe-inspiring primeval-ness of ancient stone circles." [Dusted mag] 2015 €17.50
The black Iron that has fell from the Stars, to dwell within (bear ir or be it) LP Nashazphone NP22 rare new SKULLFLOWER release on this label from Cairo, 3 pieces, lim. 333 copies - "This is whats left of rocks DNA repurposed as apocalyptic terror, the promise of destruction with only the barest hint of hope for survival (bear it or be it). Its Skullflowers most overpoweringly, terrifyingly beautiful album since Malediction." [The Quietus] 2017 €20.00