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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
View CD jennjoygallery jjcd01   1999 €15.00
Four possible landscapes CD Trente Oiseaux TOC005   2000 €13.00
Schindler House CD New Plastic Music npibmak-001   2001 €15.00
Three roots carved to look like stones CD Sonoris SNS-01   2002 €10.00
Light forms (music for light bulbs and churches) CD Semishigure semi 003   2003 €13.00
Resonant Cities CD Trente Oiseaux TOC 031   2003 €13.00
Speak no more about the leaves CD SIRR Records sirr2015   2003 €14.00
Transmissions (voices of objects and skies) CD New Plastic Music mpib8 lovely drones from an incredible sound-installation! 2006 €13.00
A slow moving Boat mCD New Plastic Music npib8.1 nice "norway ferry" / voice / bowed banjo drone-experiment 2007 €8.00
Dark over light Earth CD New Plastic Music npib9 / The Museum of Contemporary Art L.A. (MOCA) audio installation for the exhibition "Moca's Mark Rothkos" (2006) feat. JACOB DANZIGER performing MORTON FELDMAN 2007 €13.00
One Stone and Arcs and Ears 7 Disques Ades / New Plastic Music lim. / numb. 300 copies / "d'apres le film de Robert Bresson" 2007 €15.50
Ecstasy showered its Petals with the full Peal fo the Bells mCD Ferns Recordings ferns_rhizome_07 based on sounds from a small hand bell 2009 €6.50
...I listen to the Wind that obliterates my Traces... Music in vernacular Photographs 1880-1955 BOOK / 2 x CD Dust-To-Digital DTD-20 beautiful book with 150 old music-related photographs (musicians, phonographs, instruments,etc.) culled from STEVE RODENs own collection, along with 2 CDs of vintage 78rpm recordings and extracts from diverse literary sources; a book that breathes pure poetic nostalgia ! 184 page hardback book with 2CDs 2011 €39.00
Proximities CD Line LINE_052 absolutely stunning drone one-tracker (42+ min.) based on specific tunes from an old analog-synth that were played repeatedly in huge gallery rooms of the CHINATI FOUNDATION amidst 50 steel sculptures of DONALD JUDD, with additionally vocal hummings & natural hiss; fragile overlaying harmonic drone-rays creating a wonderful nostalgic, emotional atmosphere.... definitely one of his best albums, our highest praise! Lim. 500 2011 €13.50
A big Circle drawn with little Hands LP Ini.Itu # 1202 a new volume in the nice INI.ITU 12" series from Belgium, this time a full LP by the well-known Californian multimedia soundartist STEVE RODEN - comes with stunning full-colour cover & handnumbered to only 250 copies, act fast if interested !! 2012 €13.50
Berlin Fields CD-R 3Leaves 3L013 "a radiator touched with hands", "maracas in the bedroom", "feet on my ceiling", etc.. - delicate & pure field recordings made in Berlin, Paris & Helsinki, with no further processing; on a label from Hungary that - similar to Unfathomless - is releasing field-recording based works only; lim. 222 copies, numbered, oversized full colour cover 2012 €11.50
Between Yellow and White on one Side, between Blue and Black on the other MC Banned Production BP206 C-20 MC only release with very early material from RODENs old 4-track cassettes played on half-speed and partly reversed - like fading memories of the past, slow & melancholic & beautiful.. 2012 €7.00
Flower & Water CD Dragon's Eye der008 "Words in the Shape of a Tree": for this album STEVE RODEN used original sounds of the very first Dragon's Eye release (a flexi 7" by GEORGE WINSTON with a blues-piano piece) => by cutting & re-framing the disc or putting objects on it he started a very 'physical' and ritualistic process of creating source material with 'temporary sculptures'... 2014 €13.00
A Thousand Breathing Forms 6 x CD BOX Sonoris SNS 014 already the second CD-box collection of rare and so far unreleased STEVE RODEN material (2003-2008), but again it's a more than worthwhile release: these compositions are spreading a magic subtlety and nostalgia, often centered on single sound-sources (like old obscure vinyls, certain objects, architectural spaces, or field recordings); a must for anyone who loves 'ambience melancholia' and interesting conceptual ideas.. lim. 500, 6 CDs and one mCD plus inlay 2017 €40.00