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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Aquifers CD-R RRRecords RRR-CD-09 (CDR re-issue) first CD with recordings from 1991, now available as CDR with new cover ! 1993 €10.00
Domestic Science CD Mycophile Records MYC 04   1998 €13.50
Requiem LP Die Stadt DS42 highly recommended album by MICHAEL PRIME, creating ghostly, otherworldy drown-drones with rich details and an unbelievable width and absorbing atmosphere; feat. GEERT FEYTONS (NOISE-MAKER's FIFES) and LEN LYE; back in stock the only LP of MICHAEL PRIME, lim. 700 gatefold-cover with insert 2002 €15.00
One Hour as a Plant CD and/OAR and/42 OHA/1 uncomparable organic microsounds, strangest and most curious clickings & crackles...created by recording the bioelectrical field of a PEYOTE cactus; this is a different (earlier) version of the piece that was released in 2005 as CD-R "One Hour as Peyote" on Mycophile.. "highly electronic, but also highly vibrant and also highly organic. It seems as if every new sound comes from the old one, and starts to grow, before it mutates into a new sound. The sound of growth made audible" [Frans de Waard] 2014 €12.50