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Passage CD Phelios (self-released) re-issue of the second album (released as limited CDR in 2006 and sold out since long) with 5 bonus tracks (incl. FALSE MIRROR-remix and an extract from the show on Wave Gotik Treffen 2009); this is well-structured and often percussive dark ambience... deep filmic melancholia drones.. 2011 €13.00
Human Stasis Habitat CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 64 after two well received album on Malignant Rec. this German dark ambient project is back with a CD on LOKI, further refining his visionary drone ambience, sounding less synthetic but more like cello, wind and thunderstorms from another planet, with most subtle pattern shifts and pulsations,this is "Spheric Drone" in the truest sense... "this is one of the best space ambient albums I've heard" [Terra Relicta] 2016 €13.00