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Scenes from the next millenium CD Malignant Records TUMOR CD15 apocalyptic industrial at its best - first album by this project from New York on Malignant! 2000 €13.00
The Arrow and the Wound CD Eibon Records NAV048 'Semen and shit make the world go round.' Screaming vocals mixed with industrial noise, gloomy drones and threatening samples, focused on relationship-themes, with some suspenseful ambient-passages. Very dark, desperate, menacing and brutal at times. Another excellent album by one of the best projects of the doom & harsh Industrial scene 2004 €13.00
VTERVS CD NCC Records NCC012 digipack lim. 1000; 'features collaborative input from Cloama, SKM-ETR, STROM.ec and Silent_Command 2008 €13.00
The Gospels of the Gash do-CD Malignant Records tumorCD39 the final NTT release with material collected from various rare releases plus new material; comes in two-tray DVD digibox; a real epic TRIP into the dark side of the mind, apocalyptic & monumental drone- & pulsing noise at its best !! 2009 €16.50
Your Suffering will be legendary do-CD Malignant Records TUMORCD60 re-issue of the two bonus-CDRs that came originally with the box-version of the last N.T.T. release from 2009, "The Gospels of the Gash", containing 18 collaborative tracks & remixes by: TROUM, AUN, HERBST9, DEUTSCH NEPAL, JARBOE, HECATE, [LAW RAH] COLLECTIVE, etc. etc.; comes in stunning 8-panel DVD-sized double-digipack 2013 €15.00