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RLW + TITO - Mahlzeit

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hinterzimmer Records HINT 03
Release Year: 2008
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Really weird album with 12 tracks about the theme "meal" and "eating", solo- & collab-tracks using field recordings & body function-noises, oral throw-offs, singing, toys & kitchen tools, combined with various instruments & electronics. At times this reminds on RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK, at others on a free impro chaos group, and it also has some real roaring low concrete drone stuff, you haven't heard something that crazy for a long time we're sure!

"For his new ambitious project 'Mahlzeit' (german for 'meal') Ralf Wehowsky teamed up with Hamburgs Transindustrial Toy Orchestra (TITO), a loose collective of people working in music and other art forms. Current members Peter Kastner, Ine Ophof and Jan Van Wissen created their part of the conceptual work with their vast collection of toys and kitchen tools, using electronic devices to transform them into bizarre acoustic situations while Wehowsky contributes another strange mix of electronics, instruments, voice and body functions. All in all 'Mahlzeit' is a collaborative release, but in a special way as some tracks were created by Ralf Wehowsky using sounds by Tito and vice versa, but some were just done by one part of the project, assimilalting suggestions from the other part. It mixes electroacoustic composition, early electronic music and bizarre Kraut-era avantgarde. The heterogeneous but totally coherent and self-contained 'Mahlzeit' is not just a great experience and expansion of the musical activity of all involved, but also