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IRM - The Cult of the young Men

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ANNIHILVS apex005
Release Year: 2007
Note: collection of live-recordings made in NORRKPING, STOCKHOLM, NEW YORK, ARNHEM 2002-2006; IRM is MARTIN BLADH & ERIK JARL aka JARL => the strongest 'dream like/surrealistic' power electronics you can imagine; ecstatic, intoxicating, insane...
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Sounds der Ohnmacht und der fast schon surrealen Verzweiflung! Musikalisch entfernen sich IRM vom puren Noise und kreieren z.T. rauschhaft-schne Pulsations- und Drone-Rume, geblieben ist der harte Schrei-Gesang, der sich aber perfekt einfgt. Ihr bestes Album bisher, meinen wir, mit einer Mischung aus Studio- und Livematerial, und einer unglaublichen Noise Cover-Version von einem JOY DIVISION-Stck !

"ANNIHILVS proudly presents our first proper CD release from IRM: THE CULT OF THE YOUNG MEN. Returning with a singularly cold, desolate and lonely release, IRM continues to fervently espous irreligious, body-obsessed abstractions of the highest order. Departing from the aggressive PE outbursts of the past, the duo of Erik Jarl and Martin Bladh sculpt pulsating drones and powerfully dark sounds, as the bleeding wound of IRM continues to flower. THE CULT OF THE YOUNG MEN contains 'live' tracks recorded in the studio, selections from live performances (including the APEX Fest), and a cover of JOY DIVISION's 'Here are the Young Men." [label notes]

label: www.annihilvs.org