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Format: 7
Label & Cat.Number: DANHUSER Org. KIA DAN 001
Release Year: 2007
Note: lim. 356 copies on "sperm-white" vinyl !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00
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"This, possibly sperm influenced, off-milky white seven inch is the latest between album output from Massimo and Pierce of the Black Sun Productions collective. Sex Magik seems to play a lesser part in these two pieces, being noticeably shorter than their recent material on their last few long-players.
Eschewing the melancholy of the double disc The Impossibility of Silence release they have moved into an electronic semi-operatic mode. Massimos voice is the main, and most enjoyable, ingredient here, steadied now into a sonorous, deep vocal. His warm cavernous wails at the climax of Uncle Billy merging with the very European sounding violins reaching string fingers to provide what must be a raging spectacle when performed live. The underwater pounding thump is overwhelmed by his vocal, the siren strings exacerbating the expressed loss. Apparently this Burroughs tribute track is the first fruit of a collaboration with Bahntier (who sound like post-industrialists from the little Ive heard) and I look forward to hearng more. Both tracks here have Massimo filling the songs with a human heart, mollifying the sharpened edges of the music.
The addition of Roberto Budelos violin is an excellent counterpoint to the mutating precision of Pierces electronics. This more organic work following and filling the sound of the speeding clicking beats of His Secret Secretions. Its worth also noting that this is probably the best bassline that the pair has created yet, a simple forward-moving piece thats fixed to the beats. Theyve come a long way from the ghost boys. Their musical equivocation and ongoing evolution means that its difficult to predict where this duo will come from next." [Scott McKeating, Brainwashed]