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SOL, EDWARD - Wrong Action

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Quasi-Pop QPOP MC048
Release Year: 2007
Note: solo-work by Quasi-Pop mastermind from Ukraine. Lim. 100; nice cardboard / gatefold-design, closed with pack-thread
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.00

More Info

EDWARD SOL ist der Betreiber des emsigen ukrainischen Labels QUASI POP aus Kiev. Seine "Wrong Action" mCDR ist eine ziemlich absurde & durchaus witzige Klangcollage ber eine Pop-Diva in vier Teilen (z.B. "inside Kylie"), basierend auf Analog-Synths, Loops, Plunderphonics, Tapes, Objektklngen, Noise-Feedbacks, etc.. sehr schn verpackt in ein handgemachtes Digipack..

"Tape collages, audio-objects and wild psychonoise in surrealistic cinematic mood. This is the tragic (and funny at the same time) story of Pop Diva working and partying hard. Audio tabloid in some sort, inspired by the early works of Pierre Henry, but Inland Empire and The Hafler Trio as well." [label notes]

"Music by Edward Sol has been released by Quasipop before and reviewed here. Here he presents another four tracks on 3" format in a nice little package. Apparently the theme is about 'This is the tragic (and funny at the same time) story of Pop Diva working and partying hard', although it's not sure which diva is meant here. Maybe Kylie Minogue, as suggested by the track title 'Inside Kylie'? Unlike some of his previous stuff, Sol goes out to old fashioned tape collages, cutting, splicing and pasting of tapes to create his music. At times he wanders out in the rich field of noise, but stays in true spirit of the good ol' musique concrete. It's at times loud and vicious, but the collage element of the music prevails. Influenced by say Pierre Henry (voices are spliced together) and Merzbow, makes this his most refined statement so far. Not in every subtle, but created with great care." [FdW / Vital Weekly]

label: www.quasipop.org