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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Head Worse Records HW-04
Release Year: 2007
Note: crazy australian impro group consisting of 10-25 members (i.e. RATS WITH WINGS)
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Das totale Freak-Orchester aus Australien, bis zu 25 Mitspieler! Diese Aufnahme stammt vom Februar 2007, ein vielschichtiges Impro-Chaos, welches aber recht gemchlich und "slow" bis dster daher kommt (und teils mit deutschen (!) Sprechgesang in FAUSTischer Manier. Fr Freunde von NIHILIST SPASM BAND, BORBETOMAGUS, AMM,...
auf dem RATS WITH WINGS-Label!

"Following on from their 2007 New Zealand tour triple lathe cut LP, and 6 cassette boxset on Breakdance The Dawn, comes Farben Raum, the debut CD by Sun of the Seventh Sister. This floating line-up, mushroom fuelled free-psych woolly mammoth often consists of a phalanx of between 10 and 25 players: multiple drummers, multiple electrified chordophones, horns, vocals, oscillators etc. Imagine half a dozen freak-folk ensembles congealing into a psychedelic din of Borbetomag-ian proportions. On this occasion SSS comprised members of xNoBBQx, UnAustralians, Arse Lunch, Cock Up Shitting Whore, Rats With Wings, Stasis Duo and others. The CD consists of 3 immense tracks, taken from a 3 hour straight session, lovingly recorded by the Pulled Out mobile unit, with mastering analysis for Heard Worse Records by DJ Beefcurtains." [label notes]

"Sun of the seventh sister is a collective of artists-musicians from Australia and New Zealand ranging in number from 10-25 players. Their rack of instruments is pretty immense including multiple drummers, electrified chordophones, horns, vocals, oscillators, electric guitars and pretty much everything they can put their hands on. This hord of nomad musicians reminds me of the nomadic artists of the middle-ages with everything that this brings to mind, the madness, the immersion into music, the ecstatic ceremonies. This is not just a free-jam as you might imagine or a free-folk cult (chic). This is a gigantic psychedelic beast that roars and screams and calms and bursts and back to the start featuring members of xNoBBQx, UnAustralians, Arse Lunch, Cock Up Shitting Whore, Rats With Wings, Stasis Duo (featured in our own deconstructive music triple cd compilation) and others.
This cd on heard worse records includes 3 long length nameless of course tracks and a total run time of almost 80 minutes of bodily absorbed orchestrated pray and prophecy or what you might imagine that it should sound like. Ranging from free form improvisation to ecstatic jazz and ecstatic folk this is not a record but an experience I wish I could have lived live. It worth every single second, especially the third track that is unbelievably intense!" [Random E-Zine]