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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Edition XXXI
Release Year: 2003
Note: edition of 500 , last copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Die Zusammenarbeit des MEISTERS mit dem ex L.O.S.D. PETER FLEUR beschert uns elektronisches Schnarren & Pulsieren,
gleissende elektromagnetische Muster, und lange geisterhafte drones, mit berraschenden cuts. Solo- und Collaborationtracks von beiden.

This CD is a collaboration album of sorts: the first track (of three) was done by both Duncan and Fleur, the second pece is by Fleur solo, the third by Duncan solo. For those who don't know: Fleur was part of the duo L.O.S.D. with Radboud Mens and later released a very DIY ambient kit in the form of a double 5" (one CD, the other vinyl, beautiful!). The tracks on this disc all stem from 2001 and seem to be based on data files and shortwave sounds. This could be true, but it could just as well not be. Most of the sounds are heavily stretched, so they could have originated anywhere. But of course, that is also unimportant in the end, because what ultimately counts is the music itself. And after an initial slight repulsion on my behalf by so much stretching (this is strictly personal!), things begin to find their place and flow. The track sounds ambient at first, but escapes this by having way too much composition and build up. The tension stays good throughout the piece and after some time
the sound actually stops, which is highly surprising in a work like this, but it's a very nice surprise indeed. We are now more than
halfway through, still 13 minutes to go and then: bang! another stretch blasts in and puts everything on edge again. This one lasts
the whole last 13 minutes, although it fades out very slowly and somewhere a bass sound is added, that slowly gets richer. This is the title track by the way. Well done. Track two is a 15 minute piece by Peter Fleur, starting with a low resonating ambient bass sound, into which a cluster of higher frequencies is slowly mixed. This movement is repeated, but each time more sounds are added, which does a lot for tightening the tension. And here again, halfway through: a sudden break, a completely distorted sound taking over, fading out and digital rain is left. The track ends with long glissando's of all kinds and a surprise. Defenitely not your everyday ambient drone stuff from Fleur. Something way more interesting instead! Duncan's track is the one stemming from the shortwave sounds. The piece seems to be edited together from several recordings, but then again, it could also be a direct to disc mix. The sounds are familiar for anyone who has ever turned a radio dial and the track itself doesn't do much to enhance that experience, except for layering these sounds. To be very honest: I have heard it done better. Still, the CD as a whole is a success, as far as I am concerned." [MR, Vital Weekly] Address: