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RILEY, TERRY - Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Elision Fields EF101
Release Year: 2007
Note: re-release of two film-soundtrack LPs from 1972 & 1974
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Wiederveröffentlichung zweier rarer Film-Soundtrack LPs von 1972 & 1974, LES YEUX FERMES und LIFESPAN...

"After changing the world in the late '60s with In C and A Rainbow in Curved Air, legendary American composer and father of minimalism Terry Riley abandoned tape-manipulation and written composition to concentrate on longform keyboard cycles and improvisations. In the early '70s, while in Europe, he was invited to create scores for two films. The first, in 1972, was Joel Santoni's Les Yeux Fermés, a feature-length art film that instantly became a cult classic by virtue of its never having screened in the USA. The second, Lifespan, directed by Alexander Whitelaw in 1974, featured Klaus Kinski. Both soundtracks were released in limited editions on LP and have long been out of print.
This first-ever CD release of these two classic Terry Riley soundtracks-- both on one disc-- was remastered from the original tapes, the hypnotic songs sounding far superior to the below-average vinyl pressings. Having brought the '60s Corti archive back into print, Elision Fields now turns its attention to the under-examined crucial period of Riley's work-- the '70s." [press release]

"....Le Yeux Fermes is comprised of two nearly twenty-minute pieces that are reminiscent of his early work on Reed Streams. The
first is “Journey From A Death of a Friend” involving multiple organ and piano lines in counterpoint and the second is a more involved piece with delayed saxophone and organ counterpoints called “Happy
Endings”. The selections for Lifespan are six shorter pieces, which are a bit more diverse and melody oriented in their structures. “G
Song” begins with an organ fugue repetition before the sax melody gives the piece more of a soundtrack theme, while “M.I.C.E.”, short
for Music In Curved Entrances, begins with a sustained organ and
tabla drone before the melodic organ progressions kick into gear
leading into the raga drones of “Slow Melody in Bhairavi” and the
chanting Tangerine Dream-ish, “In The Summer”. “The Oldtimer “is the
most playful with an almost carnivalesque organ vamp, while “Delay”
is just that, a slow burning organ drone with building and repeating
organ lines that coalesce in a sea of pensive harmonics. We’re
surprised Riley hasn’t done more soundtrack work. Listening to this
makes us want to see the movies, especially Lifespan, which stars
Klaus Kinski as a biochemist on a frantic search for the fountain of
youth!" [Aquarius Records]