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VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA - Dabbling with gravity and who you are

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: VHF Records VHF#66
Release Year: 2002
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Aufnahmen von 2000, endlose v.a. sehr perkussive Sessions, ein kreatrliches akustisches Durcheinander mit vielen Blasinstrumenten, toll wie alles pltzlich einen folkig-orientalischen Anstrich bekommt, 11 Stcke oder Indexe, fast 61 Minuten, das ganze hat Proberaum-Charme, wurde ja auch in der KCHE von MICHAEL FLOWER aufgenommen..

"New pressing of long out of print title by the classic quintet of Neil Campbell, Bridgit Hayden, Julian Bradley, Michael Flower, and Adam Davenport. Assembled from recordings of their weekly sessions in Michael's kitchen, the tracks here represent the joyous, celebratory side of the VCO - all forward motion, massed strings, percussion, horns, and little instruments rocketing forward in a swirl of sound. Compared to the more austere sounds of recent CD's like "Lino Hi" and "Versatile Arab Chord Chart," the tracks here take off from where the loose hippy chant and drum action of collectives like Amon Duul intersects with the ploygot instrumental approach of mid-60's Sun Ra (ref "Exotic Forest," "Shadow World," etc). "There is no chord formation that can be planned which creates elation or sadness, or any art which is profound enough to change anything fundamental about a person. There is just a resonance around us which musicians/artists are using or not using" - Bridgit Hayden on the VCO" [label info]