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TZESNE / IVERSEN - Ends of humidity and electricity

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Series Negras SN006
Release Year: 2006
Note: oversized poster-cover lim. 100
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €9.00
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Powerful drone-ambience, mysterious & whirling sounds, thick & impervious waves...

"A triangular collaboration between the sonics of the Norwegian Iversen and Tzesne, and the illustrations of the Bizkaian Jon Martin. A record about computers and analogue art monitored through nets and telephone cables.
A game made between two wet and far away
extremes. Ambient in black & white." [label info]
"The drawings of Jon Martin is the starting point for this collaboration between Norwegian Iversen and Spanish Tzesne. Luckily the cover shows the black and white drawings of Martin, so we can see how they look like. It's however not a drawing per track, as there are eleven drawings and seven pieces. Both sound artists are known for using computers and playing music that is probably best described as ambient industrial: not really noise related, but daring enough to step out of the usual boundaries of ambient music. On their joint release, for which they have just the telephone line to create it, hence the title, they display the best possibilities they have to offer in this field. Deep dark tapestries of sound, with elements of the concrete sound world being highly processed, make up a rich, deep sound world, that is sometimes as minimal as the drawings on the cover. Just like the drawings, the music is perhaps also black and white: endless fields of droning sounds set against small shimmering white lights. From both artists, this is one of the stronger works I encountered (well, perhaps alongside some of Iversen/Bjerga releases)." [FdW / Vital Weekly]