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SMOOTH QUALITY EXCREMENT - Plastic Perpendicular Crevice

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Discorporeality Recordings
Release Year: 2006
Note: SMOOTH QUALITY EXCREMENT for these recordings were: URE THRALL, PAUL LOCASTA, THE FRUITLESS HAND (the project is now continued as S.Q.E. by The Fruitless Hand alone.... compiled & mastered by URE THRALL 2006
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12 tracks, almost 76 minutes. All live-material except one track. Very melancholic / isolationistic stuff, but also a cosmic-chaos otherworld appears, and great pure mysterious sound-scapes with hallucinative percussion, eerie dronescapes that suck you in - maybe forever... everything can happen after you entered this excremental world!
"The NEWEST material from Ure Thrall, The Fruitless Hand and even our old pal Paul Locasta. Features special personal outtakes and cut-ups!" [label info]