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VLOR - A fire is meant for burning

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silber Records 051
Release Year: 2006
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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hnlich wie THIS MORTAL COIL eine Art 4AD-Supergroup waren, bestehen VLOR aus Musikern des Labels SILBER aus North Carolina.
Die Musik: Minimale Gitarrenpickings & -riffs vermhlen sich mit Electronics und anderen Instrumenten, einsame driftende & melancholisch schne Instrumentals mit Drone-Folk- & Wave-Nhe sind dabei entstanden.... einmal singt auch JESSICA BAILIFF...

"Vlor is Silber's This Mortal Coil-like supergroup, featuring members of the roster in collaboration with label head Brian John Mitchell. Joining him in the jam-sessions are Rivulets' Nathan Amundson, Jessica Bailiff, Aaartika's Jon DeRosa, Remora's Jesse Edwards, and Lycia's Mike VanPortfleet. The music found on a fire is meant to burn is mostly instrumental, all guitars, and fits nicely between the folk/rock/drone stylings of the collaborators. At times the music is rough, such as on "Houses Not Homes" and "New Machine," other times, it's extremely hypnotic, such as on "Wires" and the rare vocals of Bailiff on "Suncatcher" makes for a nice treat amongst the focus on instrumental acumen. This is mood music for the thinking man; it's never too dull, never too flat, even though it is mainly an instrumental collection. Best moment: the gorgeous ambience of "Days Like Smoke," where Mitchell and Mike VanPortfleet turn in a Lycia-like soundscape that's extremely lush and utterly beautiful." [Joseph Kyle, Mundane Sounds]