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TEHO TEARDO, MAURO - Tower / Microphone

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Finalmuzik FM04
Release Year: 2005
Note: back in stock this remarkable "experimental dark ambience" album by Italian industrial legend M.T.T. who worked with NURSE WITH WOUND & RAMLEH in the 80's; using sounds he got by placing 24 contact microphones to an old ancient tower..
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Interessantes Comeback dieses italienischen Experimental-Musikers, der in den 80ern als M.T.T. ein Collab-Album mit NURSE WITH WOUND & RAMLEH machte. Auf Tower/Microphone stattet er einen alten Turm mit 24 Kontaktmikros aus benutzt die aufgefangenen Sounds, um sie in teils fast Song-artige elektronisch-ambiente Strukturen einzubetten und zu verarbeiten, hallende Emanationen eines alten Gebudes.....

Known for his past collaborations with Nurse With Wound, Coleman (of Cop Shoot Cop), Lydia Lunch and many more, this Italian artist started 20 years ago from the industrial scene to always go on with his sound research: neoelectronica, avantgarde rock and soundtrack material is year 2005 repertory for M.T.T.; "Tower / Microphone" is the best dark ambient, isolationist music album made since ages! Music for tower (!) and microphones: the tower (through its microphones via T.Teardo) listens, whispers and plays. Ambient music at its very best! This piece has been commissioned by the Contemporary Art Festival Hic et Nunc in 2005." [label info]

A while ago I was in Naples, Italy and saw a concert by Teho Teardo, which meant that I would finally see the man who made an album in the eighties with Nurse With Wound and Ramleh. After that I didn't hear much from him again, but I learned that he went to the USA and worked with Cop Shoot Cop and Lydia Lunch among others. He's now back in Italy. For the first two tracks he placed twenty-four contactmicrophones in and on an ancient tower and manipulates the outcome. In 'T/m', I assume the title piece, he knows to develop a rhythm out of it, but in general stays more close in ambient areas, with darker, unearthly rumbles. In 'I've Seen A Bear' he goes all the way into ambient music. Slowly developing sounds what seems to be through the use of plug-ins, although the cover doesn't indicate any of that. There is also a fifth unmentioned track, in similar vein, but seems to dwelling on some darker guitar strumming. It's very enjoyable, yet not fully new music that Teho Teardo is playing here, entertaining enough in the realms of more experimental ambient music. [FdW/Vital Weekly]