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SUNN O))) - White1

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Southern Lord SUNN25
Release Year: 2003
Note: back in stock the third album by the drone-metal legends, where they included vocals / poetry (feat. JULIAN COPE!) and industrial rhythms for the first time on three long / epic tracks...a classic album enlarging the new genre...
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"Der wohl doomigste, metalligste & monumentalste Guitar-Drone den man sich vorstellen kann, wird von SUNN O))) produziert, dessen Mitspieler STEPHEN OMALLEY ja auch bei unserer beloved drone-folk combo LOTUS EASTERS dabei ist. Bei WHITE 1 tauchen auch ultra-langsame Rhythmen auf und am obskursten ist, da JULIAN COPE beim ersten Stck ein Gedicht vortrgt..... laut hren !! Und am besten live anschauen !!!!
The most doomey, metallic and monumental guitar-drone imaginable comes from SUNN O))), which is another project of LOTUS EATERS Stephen OMalley. WHITE1 offers not just heavy guitar drones, but also slowed down rhythms and we found it more than obscure that JULIAN COPE as a fan of the group reads a poem in one of the tracks." [Drone Rec. info 2003]

.. Rumbing distortion. Doom. Drone. The vibrations have begun, another SUNNO))) disc is upon us! As you probably know, the shorthand description for this band is that they're the SUNN that orbits Earth (the band). But actually this release from Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson's heavier-than-thou SUNNO))) proves that (as we knew all along) they exert their own gravity in the universe of dark heavy drone musicks.. [Aquarius Records]