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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Antifrost afro2028
Release Year: 2004
Note: digipack / one-tracker 55+ min.
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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TraumLogik-Musik, geboren aus der Faszinationen heraus fr Wachtrume, aurale Halluzinationen & und dem Gedchtnis von Klang. Sehr ruhig und schwelend, aber nicht einlullend, entfalten sich hier unfassbare Soundfetzen aus verschiedenstens Quellen, extreme Frequenzen und concrete-sounds brechen herein, verschwinden wieder, erzeugen einen nur verschwommenen Eindruck...
Erstes Album des Schweden fr das griechisch-spanische Label !

Hgring is the third and final part in the Hypnagogic trilogy that started with Sleepwalk and Morphei which is based upon a fascination for wake dreaming, auditory hallucinations and the memory of sound. Composed using delicate field recordings, computer processed sounds, vibrating piano and guitar strings to create a sensitive dreamlike state. Or was it just a mirage? all mirages emergedduring 03-04 in Malm, sweden. special thanks to Dimitris. Drawings by Ronnie. Cover by Lasse [liner notes]

The press notes of this CD talk about "mirages" and I truly believe this is a more than adequate description of Ronnie Sundin's music. Although the impalpable, mesmerizing phantom reverberations present over the whole course of the record are sometimes broken by sudden crunches and sick discharges, the Malm-based composer follows paths of forgotten memories and unquiet sleeps, letting us have just a small fraction of a glimpse of "what could be following" after discarding pulse and "regular" structures in favour of thick strata of metallic nothingness and concrete ruins in an abandoned factory. This sort of aural trip is also finely composed: the sonic events suceed in perfect correlation, there is no room for anything to shine while murmuring frequency rumbles expand the altered state of our perceptivity during immobile reminiscences worthy of Mirror or Brent Gutzeit. All in all, "Hgring" is punctuated with mastery touches of decaying sounds; without being modernist at all costs, Ronnie Sundin has given us the gift of ethereal detachment from false beauty. Let these manifestations take their place around you, see what strange light they're emitting, listen to what those mirages have to teach. [Touching Extremes]