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STALNOY PAKT - Russias Awakening (Probuschdenie Rossii)

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Alf Produkt No.3
Release Year: 2004
Note: lim. / numbered 500 copies / cardboard cover w. silver print
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Debut-CD des St.Petersburger Projekts von ALEXANDER LEBEDEV-FRONTOV. Pomps-orchestraler Industrial, Maschinen-Noise, Propaganda-Zitate & Musik aus (konter)-revolutionrer Zeit....

This is the first full-length CD release of the new project of A. Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Vetrophonia) after the brilliant 10 release in Prometheus series and the split 10 with Rasthof Dachau, both issued by Der Angriff. This time it is dedicated to those Russians who, being in European emigration, still tried to fight for the freedom of Russia after the Bolshevik revolution has happened. The music is in the same vein as on the previous vinyl releases deep profound ambient with analogue noise touches and phrase samples. Non-standard sized silver-on-black printed cover, limited edition of 500 copies. 10 tracks, total time: 53.43. [label description]