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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Twenty Hertz TH 004 / Longbox Rec. LBT032
Release Year: 2005
Note: in DVD-box / BRADLEY remixes SONDERBERG
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Basis-Material des LONGBOX-Betreibers ADAM SONDERBERG wurde hier von PAUL BRADLEY bearbeitet. Klasse, wie sich aus leisen konkreten Geruschen allmhlich ein breit fliessender Drone-Sog ausbreitet, in dem Glocken- und Gongartige Sounds platziert werden. 37 min. one-tracker, DVD-Box.

The universe of Paul Bradley is quickly expanding. Besides his solo releases (mainly on his own Twenty Hertz label), he is also an avid collaborator, with the likes of Colin Potter (a recent live CDR was released through ICR) and Darren Tate (their recent CD 'Sometime Today' was released on Plinkity Plonk). Here he works together with Adam Sonderberg of the Dropp Ensemble and Civil War (aswell as from the co-releasing Longbox Recordings label). Here he provides Bradley with the rough sound material, for Bradley to freely use and abuse (much alike the collaboration Bradley did with Darren Tate). Field recordings form again a steady ingredient, and are set against a large wall of droning sounds, which sound like a bunch of processed long strings. In thirty seven minutes the listener is taken on spacious journey through weightless space, with the field recordings buzzing like outer-space meteoritic sand against the space craft. Slowly the sand become small rocks towards the end of the journey and sky falls down. Quite a trip, but a pleasant one as such. [Vital Weekly]