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RUCHALSKI, EDWARD - Having it out

Format: mCDR
Label & Cat.Number: Pseudo Arcana PAO48
Release Year: 0000
Note: full-colour cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.00

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Inspiriert von einem Gedicht von JANE KENYON, verzaubert EDWARD RUCHALSKI hier mit drei einnehmenden Drone-Stcken, die sehr voll & obertonsingend klingen... irgendwo tauchen im Mix zart verwebt Stimme, Zither & Percussionklnge auf..... das ganze scheint bereits als LP auf HUMBUG Records herausgekommen zu sein (Humbug 020), eine LP die wir leider verpasst haben.... sehr zu empfehlen, diese Aufnahmen!

Originally released as Side 1 of a limited edition LP of the same title on Humbug (who have already released the trks on side 2 on a previous disk), the 3 trks on this disk are a set inspired by Ruchalski's reading of Jane Kenyon's poem "Having It Out With Melancholy". With stunningly beautiful slow sad instrumentals (zither, guitar, voice) bearing witness to an evolving 'concrete' core, the music generates (as the title of the poem would suggest) that most poignant of 'art' inspired states; the static and dream like (imagined...) 'channeling' of the dark shrouded memories of another. Edward Ruchalski is based in the US. [label info]