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RODEN, STEVE - Three roots carved to look like stones

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sonoris SNS-01
Release Year: 2002
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Unglaublich sanfte Dreamdrones verschmelzen mit fragilen Fltensounds, Windspielglocken, unterschwellige Harmonien tauchen auf & zart-dumpfe Schabgerusche.. das ist Gerusch-Zen in Vollendung !

Great new work by Steve Roden using smooth dreamdrones, fragile flutes, bells, subliminal harmonies, soft scrape-sounds.. this is real noise-Zen in perfection !

this work was originally an installation presented at inmo gallery, in
chinatown/los angeles, december 2000. the work was created using 3 objects purchased at chinatown giftshops: a toy wooden flute, a small aluminum wind chime, a small paper accordion. each track was created using one of these objects as the only sound source. some of the sounds have been processed electronically. the installation was created in response to: the generic sounding 'muzak' playing in most of the public spaces of chinatown; the private landscape of chinatown lingering unnoticed in alleys and second floor windows; and, a book on the history of chinese philosopher's stones. the audio was installed in front of a large picture window facing the chinatown pedestrian area. (Steve Roden)