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RLW - eaRLy W 4 - Ajatollah Carter

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Editions Zero # 6
Release Year: 2004
Note: Very early material from legendary German experimental music figure RALF WEHOWSKY (P16.D4, etc.), all recorded 1980, incredible stuff ! Lim. 444 copies /cardboard cover. Low price offer now !
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Weitere Ausgrabungen aus dem RLW-Archiv von frhem PD Material, alles aus dem Jahre 1980, viele unglaubliche Sachen gibt zu hren und ausfhrliche, witzige liner-notes zu allen 20 Stcken / Extrakten zu lesen !!

Since receiving it last january '03 at the editions_zero central as a new year's gift from ralf 'eaRLy W 4' obsessed our cd players as it came in exactly at a time that collective members we were dying for experimental post punk sounds, etc. imagine the astonishment when ralf asked us whether we would love to issue it or not!!! within its 20 tracks & their accompanying remarks someone can even call this cd a brief pocket encyclopedia of the unknown german experimental/post punk scene of the early 80's. including recordings of the PD project (upon the devolution of which p16.d4 emerged) that marked the period of almost a year (1980) showing the project's creativity at its utmost best, capturing their live aura as well and lots of studio hours. whereas the previous 'eaRLy W' lps (issued on swill radio www.anti-naturals.org/swill) are actually lp reissues of previously issued tapes in the early 80's, 'eaRLy W 4' is actually a
compilation of previously unissued material or even the couple of tracks in it that saw the daylight were included in such obscure compilations that were actually 'lost'. compared to the more bizarre explorations of #1 or the aggressive experimental post punk of #2, #4 shows the avant experimental/ post punk attitude/explorations of PD and works also as a cream of the forthcoming CD reissue of PD's legendary 'inweglos' LP on absurd later this year (due in late april 2004).. [label info]