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PURE - Noonbugs

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Mego 30
Release Year: 2002
Note: cardboard-sleeve
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Minimaler Dark Ambient von diesem sterreichischen Projekt, besonders gefallen die Parts mit Streichern...

Pure's debut full length on Mego continues to explore realms of sinister sonic's and edge of the equation audio initially previewed on the highly regarded "the.end.of.vinyl" 3" CD / 12" pic disc.
As a complete serve the full extent of this world is revealed to be an elaborate exploration - rich in texture, variation, mood and quality. In some ways this release can be seen as a take on the darker edge of 20th classical / avant garde as seen through a 4th generation raised on industrial/electronic mediums. Comprising of a continuous work and what seems to be minimal process,
this is by no means an unfolding minimal record along lines of Alvin Lucier or Elaine Radigue. Changes are more immediately discernable (whilst avoiding noise, distortion or any other 'immediate' tactics). The result is in an unsettling journey throughout an array of balanced elements: looped violins sway amongst ringing tones, a distant police siren adds an element of isolation to washes of dark frequencies. Fragments of suspense
guide the listener on a series of subtle subversion's coming together as a dynamic thematic whole. A see-saw of subversive sonic's which make for some prime late night ambience. One could say this is as close to dark ambient as Mego has come, but like all the best Mego releases Pure's is one that questions the exact nature of the genre from which it has sprung whilst incorporating certain signifying elements in an entirely new way. [press release]