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NIBLOCK, PHILL - Disseminate

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Mode Records MODE 131
Release Year: 2004
Note: three new pieces from the drone-god, breathtaking stuff, very beautiful !
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Drei neue Stcke vom Drone-GOTT! Schon das erste DISSEMINATE ist vllig umwerfend, eingespielt von einem Philharmonie-Orchester auf den Ostrava-Days 2001-Festival in Tschechien, extrem vielschichtig und wallend, in tiefste Frequenzen ausufernd, super-organisch und lebendig und doch wird die ganze Zeit nur ein einziger Ton gespielt !! Die zwei folgenden Stcke sind weniger monumental, aber ebenso majesttisch schn...

Phill Niblock is the god of drones! All these other experimental musicians and "dronologists" are like little kids with kazoos when put up against Niblock and his amazing compositions. It's only in the last few years that his works have found their way onto recordings so his reputation is finally, albeit slowly catching up with other more prolific modern composers. And here's a new disc to illustrate our point. The first track is a gorgeous thrum, performed by a 60 piece orchestra reading a traditional score, with no post-recording manipulations. The sound is very haunting and a bit Gregorian sounding. Absolutely mesmerising. The second track features contrabass flute, contrabass saxophone, contrabass tuba all pre-recorded, with the samples later re-assembled with ProTools. The sounds weren't altered but the assembly of the different pieces changed the sound. Consequently, this piece is sonically less organic and more electronic / clinical sounding, even though the source sounds are traditional instruments. The final piece is another traditionally composed and performed piece for viola, cello, bass clarinet, soprano sax, flute and trombone and is an unwavering multi-tonal thrum, rich and layered, slowly shifting as the microtones try to settle into position, sounding quite a bit at times like modern dronesters Sunroof! and Vibracathedral Orchestra." [Aquarius]

label: Mode Records www.mode.com