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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Badbeatz Records
Release Year: 2005
Note: debut album of this highly original German experimental project, concrete noise-poetry somewhere between post industrial and electro-acoustic, very special and impossible to describe ! Ed. of 500 copies
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Konkrete Geräuschpoesie? Endliche die erste „richtige“ CD dieses ungewöhnlichen deutschen Projekts – „handgespielte“ Arrangements z.B. von Piano & Akustikgitarre werden von elektro-akustisch geräuschhaften Entitäten durchkreuzt, dynamische Wechsel von fast-Stille und kakophonischem Lärm wechseln sich ab, atmosphärische-dronige Parts mit konkret-Geräuschpoetischen, ein fertiger „Stil“ ist absolut nicht auszumachen. Sehr eigen, „avantgardistisch“ (darf man das heute noch so nennen?), gewagt & neu.... ! Für Explorer-Herzen!

“....Like before, Bösman works his way through a set of atmospheric sounds, which in the first few tracks get the addition of layered guitar, but towards the end, say the last three tracks, all seem to be more electronic. Here the rhythm elements also returns. It’s nowhere similar to anything dance related, just a recurring bunch of repetitive sounds. The music is not vaguely at all, it’s very much the opposite: there is lots of dynamics explored here, giving the material an almost modern classical approach, such as in ‘Esplentorture’, but it keeps leaning on the darker edges of music. Quite forceful with ties in both ambient, modern classical music, musique concrete all sauced with a touch of darker atmospherics.” [FdW, Vital Weekly]