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HAFLER TRIO - Cleave: 9 Great Openings

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nextera ERA 2017-2
Release Year: 2002
Note: "deep waves for the core of being" [BarakaH] - back in stock the first "new" H30 work after the long break, released 2002 - for us a perfect example of mesmerizing & timeless drone-muzak (one-tracker of 62 min.); sound-sources were recorded at a wedding in Nepal 1999; comes in a luxurious cardboard package with booklet; highly recommended for any Drone-discoverer out there !
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"Die erste CD nach der langen Schaffenspause ist nicht nur edelst eingepackt, sie enthlt auch einen beraus edlen, erhabenen kontemplativ-Drone, der sich schwirrend in einige Richtungen ausbreitet aber stets meditativ und schwingend bleibt.
deep waves for the core of being.."
[Drone Records description 2002]

Cleave is a 62 minutes piece which slowly changes, with a very wide sound, low, and very resonant. It's *almost* ambient or 'meditative music' with very special atmosphere, and a few suprises - because maybe...it isn't! Source material for this album was recorded in 1999 for Andrew's friend's wedding ceremony in Nepal! [label info]

[....What I think is the sound of a cello is the basis of the recording. The bow never leaves the strings and probably in a genious way, the whole thing works like a one big drone piece. Several shorter movements are cut into loops and played ad infinitum. The only other composer I can compare it with is works by Phil Niblock, something like 'Four Full Flutes' or his cello pieces. Movements fade over and out and back in again, slow and majestically evolving and rises like a major force in your space. Probably the most austere Hafler Trio I know, but it is hauntingely beautiful. And despite the barely readable font, the package is gorgeous too. (FdW in Vital Weekly # 352)


"Once again The Hafler Trio has all but disappeared from the public eye, with the principal architect Andrew McKenzie choosing a very limited audience in Estonia for his 'sessions' interweaving psychotherapy, sound design, and sleights of hand (amongst other ideas). There have been no recorded works released since 2006, and much of the back catalog is slowly disappearing. Cleave: 9 Great Openings may be one of the last available documents we will offer from The Hafler Trio's inscrutible catalog of gnostic-minimalism, conscious-jamming conceptualizations, and psychoacoustic strategies. This album is the first part of a trilogy of works that McKenzie released during a flurry of activity at the beginning of the millenium. The source material for this album (and perhaps the other two entries in the trilogy) was a gift that McKenzie composed for a friend's wedding ceremony in Nepal. The album is a very slowly paced piece of minimalism paralleling the work of Niblock and Radigue, with a thoughtfully composed set of harmonic intervals that spiral in slow-motion through phasing patterns eventually culminating in a rasping crescendo of sawtooth drones that flutters down to a meditative calm. Ever changing yet wholly hypnotic, Cleave is a masterful album of holy minimalism filtered through the mysteries of the ancients onto a concise 60 minute album. Lovely." [Aquarius Records 2014]