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Format: maxi-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Panaxis Records PNXS 001
Release Year: 2003
Note: cardboard cover / with guest appearance of STEVEN STAPLETON / NURSE WITH WOUND !
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Hinter diesem Projekt aus San Francisco verbirgt sich FERRARA BRAIN PAN, der auch mit URE THRALL zusammengearbeitet hat. CROSS PURPOSES besteht aus dunklen, handgespielten Drones, einem wundervollen mittelalterlichen Stck mit Frauengesang, und einer sinistren Cover-Version eines Howard Devoto-Stckes..
absolut professionell produziert, mit einem Gastauftritt von Steven Stapleton !!!!!
"Cross Purposes" is an half-hour of weird, spooky music from longtime AQ patron and obscure music-maker Ferrara Brain Pan. Yes, that's his name -- but here he goes by the Forms Of Things Unknown moniker, a suitably vague and creepy name for this disc of Gothic dark ambient experimentation, that seems to be vying for retroactive inclusion on the famed "Nurse With Wound list". Indeed, NWW's Stephen "Babs Santini" Stapleton makes a guest appearance somewhere on here (see if you can find it)! The first track, evocatively named "Black Candles & Pentagrams 'n Shit", is sixteen minutes of sinister drone and wind instrument dolefulness. On this album, Ferrara plays bass clarinet, flutes, recorders, saxophones, along with various other mostly archaic and/or ethnic instruments -- and electronics too of course. Perhaps to illustrate that FoTU's influences are eclectic and extend back further than the goth/industrial heyday, "Black Candles..." is followed by an anonymous 14th century composition in both instrumental and vocal versions -- the vocal by lovely soprano Shannon Wolfe, not Ferrara. It's somewhat sombre, but not scary like the first piece. Rather beautiful. Then, again shifting gears and displaying esoteric influence, this disc's final cut turns out to be a moody cover of "Stupid Blood", a song from the Beast Box album by Howard Devoto's post-Buzzcocks band Luxuria. With one Bob Ayres handling the portentous baritone vox, and Ferrara's horns and flutes, this track could just as easily be taken as a tribute to Peter Hammill's Van Der Graaf Generator! [press release]