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EVAPORI - Na katarynce

Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Tausendfssler 005
Release Year: 2005
Note: photo-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €6.00

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One-tracker mit recyceltem Material einer Walzer-Single, die behutsam in spannende, konkret-atmosphrischen Tonkunst verwandelt wurden... definitiv zu entdecken !!

Mysterious dronescapes full of details which you can listen to over and over again..

der flohmarktfund einer alten polnischen waltzer-single diente evapori als quellmaterial fr seine komposition na katarynce, benannt nach dem gleichnamigen waltzer. das vinyl wurde gescratched, gecuttet und digital zerschnitten. anschlieend liess evapori das von der information befreite material auf seiner festplatte zu feinen britzelnden klumpen verdunsten. the flea market discovery of an old polish waltz 7" vinyl single served evapori as source material for his composition 'na katarynce', called like the waltz of the same name. the vinyl was scratched, cut and digitally edited. afterwards he made the material freed from the information evaporate on his hard disc to fine sizzling lumps. [label description]

Evapori is one Oliver Peters, who has been making music since the early nineties, release a couple of CDRs and tapes (on his own Anti Information Conspiracy label) and now 'Na Katarynce' on 1000 Fssler, a label from Hamburg, just like Evapori. On this 3" CD we find one piece that was entirely constructed from a 7" of an old Polish waltz, found on the flea-market. After scratching and cutting the record, the material was digitally edited and everything that was related to it's origin is now gone. Which is great, not because we hate the Polish waltz, but because Evapori does a more than great job in slicing the material up and comes up with a highly micro-sounding work, of deep rumble, riding along the lines of inaudible, with occasional noise outbursts etc. Mainly along the likes of Roel Meekop, Bernard Gunter or some such, although Evapori, certainly towards the end of the piece which is a little bit more cruder and noiser than his counterparts. Perhaps not the most original voice in whatever peopnoisierle call micro-sound, but Evapori does quite a nice job in producing likewise nice and delicate music from a single source. [FdW / Vital Weekly]