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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Hic Sunt Leones HSL 029
Release Year: 2005
Note: an exciting release for us as ALIO DIE is enlarging his sound spectrum using only acoustic sources and field recordings for this collaboration with WERNER DURAND, who delivers organic drones created from self-built ethnic wind instruments (NEY, KHEN, etc..) => five pieces of a very natural atmosphere, energetic & dynamic..
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„Aqua Planing“ ist eine begeisternde Veröffentlichung, bei der ALIO DIE sein Klangspektrum beeindruckend erweitert und keine elektronischen Klangquellen oder Synths benutzt! Kern dieser ungewöhnlichen Zusammenarbeit sind die improvisierten Drones von WERNER DURAND: Dieser steuert hier Klänge von diversen handgespielten (ethnischen), z.T. selbstgebauten Blasinstrumenten bei (NEY, KHEN, SHAKUHACHI, Klarinette, ein „Drone-Rohr“), die er sehr flächig einsetzt, während ALIO DIE v.a. field recordings dazusteuert. Fünf Stücke von sehr natürlicher Atmosphäre, energetisch & dynamisch..

“In the enigmatic Aqua Planing, Werner Durand and Alio Die create a sonorous, powerful, impervious space; sometimes liquid, subtly endearing. A meeting of mysterious sounds, both improvised and organised, of the traditional and self-made wind-instruments and their hybrids by Werner Durand (persian and circular water ney, circular clarinet, khen, prepared shakuhachi) with the editing, loops and enviromental recordings by Alio Die. As in the title track, where they recorded the sound of the wind blowing on the edge of a PVC tube sticking out of the car window, while driving on an italian highway and mixed it with the sound of the ocean, filtered acoustically by the very same PVC tube, or the noise of a night train, the church bells in a mountain village, the musicians cause you to loose tracks of home and move towards purely surreal places. Their performance is always rigorous, the accurate tunings accuracy and special timbres of Werner Durand`s playing settled in the peculiar atmospheres created by Alio Die evoke unique interwoven listening spaces, rich with hues and shades, continuously evolving.” [label press release]