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DUNCAN, JOHN / E.G. LEWIS - Presence

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Allquestions AQ-07
Release Year: 2004
Note: daring collaboration of DUNCAN with the WIRE bassist known for his experimental projects (DOME, OCSID, HE SAID..) - four long pieces using field recordings, shortwave sounds, human voice sources, granular drones... very subtle & mysterious stuff !! BACK IN STOCK
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Surprise again! Wieder eine interessante Collab. von DUNCAN, diesmal mit E.G. LEWIS, dem Bassisten von WIRE, der ja schon immer ein Faible für Experimente und künstlerische Aktionen hatte....(z.B. DOME und OCSID [mit CM VON HAUSSWOLFF], HE SAID, verschiedene Ausstellungen)....hier arbeiten sie auf 4 Stücken mit field recordings, Kurzwellensounds und menschlichen Stimmen & Wörtern: Windartige, „atmende“ Drones, granuliert-fragmentierte Stimmen, alles im ruhigen, ominös-sphärischen Bereich.....am Ende ein obskur-schönes Flüsterstück !
“Latest release in the collaboration series by John Duncan this time with Edward Graham Lewis (of WIRE). Comes in a beautiful cover.
The alternatives still held considerable potential
The essential sway or ppphhhhooot!
He felt completely vulnerable
The protection of the narcotic curse was gone
and the inclusive was only empty, black and total
Measuring boundaries is human but...
Faking dreams was God-like...
All purpose stimulated
All presence amplified
It was like this
That was understandable
-- Edvard Graham Lewis” [press release]